Junior Golf Program

Muru Golf Academy has one of the most comprehensive golf junior program in Singapore. Our juniors consistently come in top positions in inter-club junior competitions and other junior events. Many of our ex-junior team members have become extremely good golfers today. The core reason the academy is able to produce these top players is because we have a systematic and holistic approach in developing juniors. Our friendly and approachable SPGA (Singapore Professional Golf Academy) coaches guides the students in a fun yet serious manner where everyone will enjoy the process of learning. Our junior programs are divided into 4 stages.

Stage 1 – Junior Beginner

The beginner juniors start off at Stage 1, during which we impart the basics of the game, including rules of the game, golf etiquette, basic golf swing, chipping and putting techniques.

Stage 2 – Junior Elementary

Juniors who successfully master the basics in stage 1 will progress to stage 2. The formal training is once a week but we do encourage our juniors to practise more using our facilities at their own pace. The objective of stage 2 is to reinforce the basic skills learnt in stage 1.

Stage 3 – Development Squad

The training will be 5 hours per week. The juniors spend 3 hours on the golf course working on pre-shot routine, shot selection, course management and scoring. 2 hours per week is spent on a variety of skill tests and technique correction.

Stage 4 – Elite Squad

Junior who excel in the Development Squad will be selected for the Elite Program. 7 hours per week of supervised training will be given. Children under this program can look forward to become National Representative or build a golfing career in the future.