Golf is a sport which is open to all and is especially suited to kids.  Why is golf a great sport for kids?  Well, there are a number of reasons, many of which are focused around the physical and social elements of playing the sport.

However, one of the great benefits of playing golf for kids, is simply spending a few hours enjoying the outdoors.  Many sports are played outdoors but none of them give kids the opportunity to really appreciate being outside, in the same way golf does.  Golf courses are well presented and often come with plenty of fauna and flora, making them a fantastic environment for kids to ‘hang out’.

SPGA Golf Coach Howie Soh

By signing up for golf training at a local academy, kids will have the opportunity to experience the great outdoors, while learning new golf skills at the same time.  Also, by taking part in a golf junior program, kids will meet new people and make friends, which will last a life time.  Learning to play golf is not all about the actual teaching of the sport, it’s also about providing a good social environment, where kids can improve their social skills, in addition to their sporting prowess.

Golf instruction is great for kids, as it will give them the perfect start to playing golf and the best chance of making it to the level, at which they have a desire to play.  It’s great to have ambition but by taking part in golf training, kids will gain so much more than that.  Taking responsibility for themselves, is one great value kids learn through golf.  If the result of a shot is the ball landing in the water, there is only one person responsible.  It’s not possible to turn around and blame team-mates and friends.  It’s about taking responsibility for your own actions and dealing with it in the best way possible.

A golf junior program is not all about the actual coaching of golf.  For sure, kids will be given the best possible chance to succeed in the world of golf and will learn a great deal about the sport.  In addition, to this, learning how to control emotion, when things don’t go quite right, is also an important aspect.  As mentioned above, the ball is not always going to land where a player expects it to.  Learning to deal with that disappointment and also managing the emotion of hitting a good shot, are traits which form part of a successful, everyday life.

Golf is a great sport for kids and by participating in golf instruction, they will not only have a strong start in the sport but also in life.

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