Adult Golf Program

Golf Introduction and Individual Lessons – PC

Individual and Golf Introduction are designed for the beginner golfer up to an intermediate level player. If you are picking up a club for the first time, have been playing for a short time, or if you simply need a refresher course after taking a few years off, our group Golf Introduction or Individual lessons are designed just for you. Based on the series level selected, you’ll begin with full swing fundamentals, target the short game with chipping, pitching, putting, learn important rules of the game, mixed in with golf etiquette, all while enjoying a fun introduction to the game of golf.

Program Content- PC Certificate

The ‘INTRODUCTION TO GOLF’ program consists of 10 X 1 Hour lessons and includes the following:

Lesson 1: Introduction to the game of golf, safety aspects, The equipment used and the pre fundamentals including GRIP, STANCE, POSTURE and half swing.
Lesson 2: Consolidation of the pre fundamentals and building towards a balanced full swing motion.
Lesson 3: Consolidation of full swing motion, video computer analysis identifying faults and cures.
Lesson 4: Explanation and implementation of longer clubs usage. Woods v’s Irons.
Lesson 5: Introduction to the short game. Putting method including mechanics and practice techniques.
Lesson 6: Pitching V’s Chipping, Shot selection and execution. Bunkers explanation and demonstration of correct techniques and uses.
Lesson 7: Preparation to play. Pre Shot routine, target V’s Technique. Full swing evaluation, Drills and goal setting for the course and the future.
Lesson 8: Rules and etiquette workshop detailing the correct rules and etiquette of the game of golf.
Lesson 9 & 10: On course lesson explaining course management, Etiquette, Rules including PC assessment.

Personalized Development/Handicap Program

The ‘PERSONALIZED DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM’ is designed for the established golfer who is looking to further develop specific areas of their game and zero in on their weaknesses and eradicate inconsistencies. PROGRAM OUTLINE The ‘PERSONALIZED DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM’ begins with a detailed assessment of your full game, equipment, TPI physical screening and goal setting conducted by your MURU GOLF ACADEMY professional to identify the strengths and weaknesses to allow you to maximise total game improvement. Following completion of the full game assessment your MURU GOLF ACADEMY PGA professional will guide you through a suggested approach to tailoring a program specifically to all cover all of your golfing needs and wishes. This program is designed for players who aspire to gain a handicap and begin to play a variety of golf courses and participate in competitions and tournaments both big and small. Gaining a handicap requires the player to learn the broader area of golf such as the rules and etiquette, how to play the golf course without delay as well as a knowledge of how the handicap and scoring systems work. MURU GOLF ACADEMY works closely with SSG and is an official testing centre for students wishing to obtain a USGA/SGA recognized Handicap is the most cost effective and efficient way. HOW TO OBTAIN YOUR HANDICAP The handicap achievement programme which will take 2-3 months to complete with the emphasis on the 5 x 18 hole scorecards with receipts.

Step 1: Achieve PC level
Step 2: Start obtaining 5 x 18 hole scorecards with receipts (must be full course not par 3 executive course)
Step 3: Complete handicap achievement program. 10 Hours including handicap courtesy round.
Step 4: Join a club (Society of Singapore Golfers)
Step 5: Attend Handicap Workshop
Step 6: 9 hole Handicap Test (Courtesy Round) at a course in Singapore.
Lesson 1: Range, Video analysis and
Lesson 2: Range, Driver vs fairway woods. Launch and Spin rates understanding how to control distances.
Lesson 3: Putting, the key elements of consistent speed control
Lesson 4: Chipping & Pitching controlling spin and launch angles using . Learning to score
Lesson 5: Bunker play, fairway vs greenside, specialty shots
Lesson 6: Range, irons faults and curse, the differences from range to course, slopes and assessing shot selection.
Lesson 7: Range, woods,1st Tee shot, playing one shot at a time. Pre shot routine and visualisation process.
Lesson 8: Short game, shot selection and preparation for test
Lesson 9 & 10: Handicap Test